Weekly Bulletin



Announcements & Events for September 23rd

Women’s Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 10 am.

Pastor Matthew’s Bible Study on the Psalms“Out of the Depths, The Psalms speak for us” Wed’s, 7p at Trinity & Tue’s, 10a at Emmanuel.

Youth Group – Meets next Sunday, from 6-8pm.

Youth are selling Calendars to raise money for Outreach Projects; $7 ea. see Youth/Dawn.

Fifth Sunday Mission OfferingMini Thon.

Mission Offering for October – Native Americans.

Weekly Prayer Services will be held on Saturdays at Emmanuel New Berlin at 7pm.

Fall Festival – Sat, October 27th (details to follow).

Operation Christmas Child – shoeboxes due in Nov.

The mold is treated, still needs cleaning & organizing

New Berlin Food Pantry – September items: Cereal, side dishes ie. mac&chz, Lipton/Knorr. (always accepting all items; taken 3rd Thurs. of month.)

Check out the sermon Sunday Mornings LIVE – FB!

Diana Weikel has Weis and Giant cards available.

Attention online shoppers: Please go to www.umcmarket.org to get started with UMC Marketplace! Each store donates a % of purchases!


Happy Birthday!

Madden Cromley – September 23rd

Barb Richard – September 24th

Steve Trimble – September 28th

Happy Anniversary!



August’s Monthly Report

Weekly Need                             $3,128.50

YTD Current Fund

Revenue:    $ 62,383.08

Expenses:   $ 75,107.95

$ (12,724.87)

YTD Building & Maintenance

Revenue:     $ 16,729.72

Expenses:    $ 24,911.16

$ (8,181.44)



Trinity United Methodist Church

24 State Route 304

Winfield, PA 17889


Church Office: 570-524-9070

Pastor Cell: 717-357-0707

Parsonage: 570-768-4950 

Pastor’s Email: mloyer@susumc.org

Secretary’s Email: secretarytumc@ptd.net

Website: www.trinwin.org


September 23rd, 2018



Serving You Today:

Pastor Matthew Loyer

Organist:  Kim Bolig

Greeters:  The Haefners




For Today:


Elementary – Including 4th grade, meets in the overflow room.

Youth Group – 5th-12th grades; meets downstairs in the classroom with the mural.

The Pacesetters – Adults; John Macarthur’s 12 Ordinary Men, meets in the nursery.

If you have any questions, please ask.  We will be more than happy to assist you.

Children Newborn to 4 yrs old are invited to come to our nursery.



*Regular Youth Group Meetings are 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays from 6-8pm. This year we are including 5th graders, spread the word!

“Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.’”      -Rick Warren


Order of Worship

Prelude & Lighting of the Candles

Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship: 

Leader:  Draw near to God, and God will draw near

to you. Happy are those who find delight in

God’s law.

People:  God is always nearer than our next breath.

           We gather to become more aware of that


Leader:  Knowledge of God is a delight to the

righteous. They seek to grow in wisdom

and understanding.

People:  There is always more to discover than we

           know. We seek to do good and not harm

           all our days.  

*Hymn:               Are Ye Able                    530 

Opening Prayer 

You watch over us, O God, and show us the way to prosper in life, not so much in things as in relationships that contribute to our wholeness and well b eing.  Thank you for meeting us here in our time of need.  Create in us a space for quiet listening and thoughtful meditation.  Amen.

Children’s Message 

First Lesson:                                       James 4: 1-10 

Joys & Concerns   


* Doxology 

*Hymn:            Make Me a Servant            Insert 

Sermon Text:                               Mark 9: 30-37 

Sermon:              “First and Last” 

*  Hymn:           Blessed Assurance                369 

Closing Prayer 

*  Song:           Because of Your Love 

Dismissal with Blessing 

Postlude & Going Forth to Serve God & Neighbor 

* Indicates a time to stand. If you are unable to stand, please remain seated.