Weekly Bulletin

Announcements & Events for May 26th

Women’s Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 10 am.

Men’s Breakfast will not be meeting anymore for the rest of spring and summer; it will reconvene starting sometime in the fall.

Mission Offering for the month of June goes to Habitat for Humanity.

Family Celebration Day will be a Combined Service with Emmanuel New Berlin and Trinity Winfield on Sunday, June 9th at 10 am up at the pavilion; and there will be a picnic to follow! Save the date! **sign-up to bring food if missed last week**

VBS Planning is happening! We have started scenery and could use lots of help!! July 22-26 ‘Jesus Heals!’ Please contact Dawn if you can help; donations gladly accepted!

Youth Group – will no longer be meeting for the summer; special events and VBS prep sessions TBA and regular Youth Group will resume again in the fall.

Diana Weikel has Weis and Giant cards available.

Attention online shoppers: Please go to www.umcmarket.org to get started with UMC Marketplace! Each store donates a % of purchases!



Happy Birthday!

Sue Wood – May 27th

Vickie Zelinski – June 1st

Kim Kemberling – June 2nd

Happy Anniversary!

Jim & Kelly Smith – May 28th

Steve & Barb Richard – May 31st

Gary & Rhonda Boyer – June 2nd



April’s Monthly Report

Weekly Need                             $3,128.50

YTD Current Fund

Revenue:    $ 28,631.47

Expenses:   $ 35.815.24

$ (7,183.77)

YTD Building & Maintenance

Revenue:     $ 7,463.93

Expenses:    $ 11,862.22

$ (4,398.29)



Trinity United Methodist Church

24 State Route 304

Winfield, PA 17889


Church Office: 570-524-9070

Pastor Cell: 717-654-4592

Parsonage: 570-768-4950


Pastor’s Email: mloyer@susumc.org

Secretary’s Email: secretarytumc@ptd.net

Website: www.trinwin.org



May 26th, 2019



Serving You Today: 

Pastor Matthew Loyer

Organist:  Kim Bolig





For Today:


Elementary – Including 4th grade, meets downstairs in the last classroom.

Youth Group – 5th-12th grades; meets downstairs in the classroom with the mural.

The Pacesetters – Adults; meets in the nursery.

If you have any questions, please ask.  We will be more than happy to assist you.

Children Newborn to 4 yrs old are invited to come to our nursery. 

*Regular Youth Group Meetings are 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays from 6-8pm. This year we are including 5th graders, spread the word!



“When you are focused on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”      – Joel Osteen


Order of Worship

Prelude & Lighting of the Candles

Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship:

Leader:  Come to this place of prayer, God is calling us.

Come all who are burdened, there is healing here.

People:  We have come to hear the word of God. We have

                    brought with us all that weighs us down.

Leader:  God reigns among us and fills the world with light.

We are invited to make our home with the living God.

People:  May God’s ways be known within and among us.

                 May God guide all nations in ways of peace.

*  Hymn:    America the Beautiful      696 

Opening Prayer

Maker of all things, and the ruler of all peoples of the earth, we bring our prayers of thanksgiving and praise.  You have provided the water of life for our baptism.  Meet us again in the joyous encounter of worship, lest we forget the source of all we have and all that we are.  Let the peoples praise you, O God.  Amen. 

Children’s Message 

First Lesson:                                         Psalm 67 Responsive Reading   #791  

Joys & Concerns   


* Doxology 

*Hymn:                  I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 

Sermon Text:                                         Joshua 4: 1-7 

Sermon:         “A Memorial Forever” 

*  Hymn:    Shall We Gather at the River      723 

*  Song:               I Am a Child of God 

Dismissal with Blessing 

Postlude & Going Forth to Serve God & Neighbor 

* Indicates a time to stand. If you are unable to stand, please remain seated.


Three Choice Plan for UMC