Weekly Bulletin


Announcements & Events for August 19th


Women’s Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 10 am.

Men’s Breakfast will resume sometime in September.

Pastor Matthew will be starting a new Bible Study in September on the Book of Psalms. It will be Wednesday evenings at Trinity and another weekday morning at Emmanuel.

Amy & Joe Tull will be starting a Young Adult Sunday School class beginning Sept. 9th called John Macarthur’s 12 Ordinary Men – an in-depth study of each disciple.

Outreach Committee Meeting – Tue, Aug 21st @ 7pm.

Chicken and Waffle Dinner – has been cancelled.

New Berlin Food Pantry – Items for August: Canned soups and vegetables but NO peas. (always accepting all items; taken over 3rd Thurs. of each month.)

Check out the sermon Sunday Mornings LIVE on our Facebook page!

Attention online shoppers: Please go to www.umcmarket.org to get started with UMC Marketplace! Each store donates a % of purchases!

Diana Weikel has Giant and Weis Cards available.


Happy Birthday!

Amy Tull – August 25th

Happy Anniversary!


July’s Monthly Report

Weekly Need                             $3,128.50

YTD Current Fund

Revenue:    $ 56,499.53

Expenses:   $ 68,271.27

$ (11,771.74)

YTD Building & Maintenance

Revenue:     $ 15,313.81

Expenses:    $ 19.097.58

$ (3,783.77)



Trinity United Methodist Church

24 State Route 304

Winfield, PA 17889


Church Office: 570-524-9070

Pastor Cell: 717-357-0707

Parsonage: 570-768-4950


Pastor’s Email: mloyer@susumc.org

Secretary’s Email: secretarytumc@ptd.net

Website: www.trinwin.org


August 19th, 2018


Serving You Today:

Pastor Matthew Loyer

Organist:  Kim Bolig

Greeters:  Rachel & Jeremiah Loyer




For Today:


Elementary – Meets downstairs in the last classroom on the right.

Youth Group – 6th-12th grades; meets downstairs in the classroom with the mural.

The Pacesetters – Adults; meets in overflow room.

If you have any questions, please ask.  We will be more than happy to assist you.

Children Newborn to 4 yrs old are invited to come to our nursery. 




“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.”



Order of Worship

Prelude & Lighting of the Candles

Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship: 

Leader:  God is gracious and merciful and

trustworthy. Let us join our voices in giving


People:  The works of God are all around us. Those

           who share in God’s work lack for nothing.

Leader:  We are called to faithfulness, as God is

faithful. We are people of the covenant,

gathered to please God.

People:  Holy and awesome is God’s name. The fear

           of God is the beginning of wisdom. 

*Hymn:               Abide With Me              700

Opening Prayer

God of steadfast love, your works delight our hearts and expand our thoughts.  Your grace and mercy draw us together to praise you and to celebrate your wonderful deeds.  Dwell among us today and reign within the lives of all gathered here.  Grant wisdom and courage that we may walk in your ways and keep your commandments.  Amen.

Children’s Message

First Lesson:          

Responsive Reading – Psalm 111             832                  

*   Special Music – Craig & Connie Stumpff 

Joys & Concerns   

*   Special Music – Craig & Connie Stumpff 


* Doxology 

*Hymn:               Rock of Ages                    361 

Sermon Text:                                     John 5:1-15 

Sermon:            “Get Up and Walk” 

*  Hymn:        Rejoice the Lord is King            715

Closing Prayer 

Dismissal with Blessing 

Postlude & Going Forth to Serve God & Neighbor 

* Indicates a time to stand. If you are unable to stand, please remain seated.